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Professional Education

Posted by Toni on 8th September and posted in Uncategorized

Continuing the words of the author it is pertinent to point out the importance of the schools, in the case of the professionalizing EJA, to propitiate aptitudes in adult young educandos dismissed or coexisting in under employment comes to become fullfilled itself professionally through an education directed toward the professionalization of its educandos. As already chapter was commented in this exactly, the individual needs a qualification and adequate professionalization so that this can worthy exert its profession, the example we can mention a mason that already knows and has vast experience in the branch of the civil construction, however does not possess a certificate that proves its experiences and it gives support to it to compete with other professionals of the same area, in the case of competition for competitions or other ways. Therefore it is presumed that the professional education in modality EJA will be able to guarantee fixed job followed of tranquillity for a good parcel of the population and capacity to compete in the work market. the more knowledge will have the man, greater will be the possibility of this to know not to become obsolete. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out NSW Department of Education. (Antonia de Abreu Sousa, 2005, p.107). In the citation above the author instigates the society if to improve, to search, if to perfect to each moment so that its knowledge and its to know do not fall in disuse, that are not lost in the ways afflicted and sped up of the development. Transferring these words to Young the Professional Education of Adult it can be said that in the schools that the above-mentioned education functions it must have a pedagogia directed toward the professional formation of its clientele. So that the worker is contemplated an ample formation, complete and critical it is necessary that if he makes to be valid the pedagogia and the awareness directed toward an education with technician-scientific innovations in order to promote improvements and development in the complete life of the pupil of Adult the Young Education of e, therefore those workers that if make use, today, only of empirical knowledge and mechanical they do not satisfy the necessities proceeding from a working society, capitalist and modernista in which we are inserted.

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