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Psychology For Educators

Posted by Toni on 11th April and posted in Uncategorized

The aim of psychology is to study the behavior of the individual methods and techniques, analyzing and sorting, building laws to analyze the different spheres of human activity. This will make it possible to orient the individual in many aspects or modify attitudes that allow you to live better with themselves and with society. From the purely theoretical and philosophical psychology has remained for centuries, we have moved to an applied science in nursing, work, trade, school, etc. And today is essential, in order to better perform its functions, for teachers, social workers, educators, health personnel or any other that has as its mission to help human beings. Hence the growing interest in the science of psychology by the professional sectors that have something to do with social or educational intervention. Learn more on the subject from Before Sunrise. We note here some titles that can help these professionals: ABOZZI, P.: The abc of relaxation. Ediciones Martinez Roca, SA 1998. APRIL ALONSO, A.; AMBROSIO FLORES, E.; BLAS CALLEJA, MR: Biological Foundations of behavior.

Sanz y Torres, SL 1998. ACOSTA CONTRERAS, M.: Creativity, motivation and academic performance. Aljibe Editions, 1998. Albisetti, V.: Learning self-control. Ediciones San Pablo, 1998.

JUREGUI ALCALA, MD: The body language and knowledge. Ediciones Obelisco, SA 2000. GERMAN MENDEZ, S.: Myths always, old questions, people today and Psychoanalysis: Notes for beginners. Official College of Psychologists of Las Palmas, 2003. ALONSO PLA, F.; ESTEBAN MARTINEZ, C.; MONTORO GONZALEZ, L.: Cognitive Learning: Basics and practice. Editorial Promolibro, 1995. ALONSO, MC, GALLEGO GIL, DJ, HONEY, P.: Learning styles: Diagnostic procedures and improvement.

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