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Raising A Child

Posted by Toni on 15th April and posted in Uncategorized

Fairy tales are known to us since childhood, and for thousands of years passed from generation to pokolenie.Skazki – it's just an inexhaustible fount of folk wisdom, which brought our predki.Volshebny world of fairy tales, their intricate plots and fairy-tale characters who are so like children, can be used for a multitude of tasks: education for children of all good and positive commitment to education, the development of an individual person and the total correction povedeniya.Rebenok very emotional, so that any, even petty in our opinion the problem is for him a serious challenge. He seeks help from parents, but often we limit ourselves clever phrases thrown casually that this kid just neponyatny.Rebenok closed in itself, was alone with his problem, solve it yourself, he just can not. So develop a sense of inferiority, communication problems, as with subconscious. How to find and bring to a child out of this situation and to prevent excessive feelings? This will help link the magical world of fairy tales and the real world of the child, which relates his experiences, thoughts, fairy tales begin to interest the baby only to the age of two, even from the cradle he can tell the history of uncomplicated, as it is with them that the child's familiarity with the world. KDP may not feel the same. What is the story so interesting presents itself as a positive character, distinguishing in this case, what is good. You can talk and discuss with your child an existing story, to draw from them the most favorite moment, to invent their own tale, in which all the events and characters will be similar to the real world of the child and where, ultimately, a fairy-tale hero wins and finds a solution to all problems; dramatize a story as themselves, and with the help of puppet toys. Carried away by the story, the child will thank you for your support and happy ending stories will give him self-confidence, inspire hope for a speedy resolution to their problems. Indeed, in fairy tales always have a way out difficult situation, there is always the right choice and there is always the possibility of her unique tvorchestva.Chem longer your child will believe in miracles, the more optimistic and happier to be his reality..

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