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Posted by Toni on 27th December and posted in Uncategorized

The crisis has forced lower prices for land are talking about the real estate market players. According to them, the price has not yet reached bottom, and falling prices will continue. It would seem that with the advent of warm pores market-town Real estate was supposed to be activated, but 2009 brought some changes. Interest in the suburban real estate is not practical. This year has brought major changes in the land market. The price of land dropped more than 50% compared with 2008. Now you can find on the site and $ 1000 per hundred square meters to build a private house. Prices of commercial land will start from 5000 USD per hundred square meters, although it is possible to find and cheaper.

Here plays an important role location. At Levi’s you will find additional information. A year ago the price of land for commercial purposes began 10,000 USD per hundred square meters. Negligible level of interest in such areas is still there. People are trying to invest in real estate, as to keep your finances in paper money is not entirely reasonable. And the earth, an object that will always be able to bring income to the owner. On the site you can build a restaurant, cafe, car wash and the land will make money. The situation is different with the land designated for residential development, the demand is low.

Transactions made on the market are very low. The price of land for housing fell down to $ 1000 per weave. Although in some places, such as Concha Zaspa prices are still very high and may reach 25 000 for a hundred, but it is more exclusive options. The market price of land is now subject to adjustment, which is designed to show the real value of the land. Land in Ukraine should not be very expensive because its a lot to get a piece of land was never a problem. The question is always decided on the level selrady, which came with a request to allocate plot for house construction. In most cases the land allocated. Only not so long ago when it began to abuse the mediators, the head of selrad have to use it and take it for large sums of money. By Experts say falling prices for land will continue. As far as prices fall, say no one can, but the tendency of reduction in price of land may speak boldly. If even be resumed mortgage lending, as promised bankers, then return the previous situation to expect all the same is not necessary, because credit will be issued very selectively. Therefore, to predict possible out of the crisis suburban real estate market and the land can not. This segment of the real estate market was very overvalued at the time and potential buyers have been slow to invest, as expected further fall in prices, which, According to experts, will continue until the end of the year.

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