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School Behaviors

Posted by Toni on 25th June and posted in Uncategorized

Sometimes, students do not behave so well in schools. There is one maybe who has urgency in reforesting ideas, recycle behaviors, to irrigate emotions, to season the land of the pardons To trim dry twigs of any fear, to smooth the social look, searching the excluded ones, where he will be, to illuminate, to oxigenar and to plant, to plant selected seeds of love. The man searchs, in desperation, but before late of what never, the preservation of what he sobrou in this Planet. It is not impossible, because simple attitudes even have the power to change the route of important things. But here it is the impasse: why it is not started to educate for the balance of the ecology human being? How much it costs the effort for one I hug, a smile, the demonstration of affection? The School spends the destined time almost all it, deciding equations of first and as degrees and the child lives hostage of house duties. Not space has time nor to play, to the sun. They will say many that the competition demands everything this in the wild race to the work market: to pass in the competitions, to shine in the vestibular contests and to arrange steady job! In this war of the survival alone who knows more equation and rebimboca of parafuseta reaches the success. It will be? Clearly that not.

The biggest challenge of the education is to teach to live and to preserve the life! To preserve is to insist on the fight for the life, is to help to guarantee to the generations the gift of living! The citizen compromised to the life is capable to interact and to help withholds the destruction power around, exactly without having in the hands the fiance’s public mounts of money. It can exert the citizenship of a pacific, intelligent and gratuitous form: to get infuriated itself. To preserve she is necessary to form citizens sentries of the life, whom they know to intervine at the moment certain to prevent wastefulness, the bad use, the abuse, but, over all, to form the educator of the environment, capable to teach ‘ ‘ time and is of tempo’ ‘ as to live without leaving a death track for where it passes.


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