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Posted by Toni on 20th July and posted in Uncategorized

As educators we have to make the difference in educational history and of life of our pupils: The power of the professor is in such a way in its capacity to reflect critically on the reality to transform it how much into the possibility to form a group of friends and friends. (…) They point with respect to one same project of future, for construction of a society educator-educanda, humanizada, emancipated and solidary. (GADOTTI, 2003, P. 9) Through the questionnaires and interviews we verify the factors had taken that them if to move away from the school. The removal cause biggest is the financial difficulty.

The pertaining to school history and of life of the majority of the pupils is evidenced in the deposition to follow: D: I was 10 years far from the studies first because I married very early, to the 17 years, and there already it came soon a son, another one and another one. There I had that to work of domestic during a day, pra to help in the expenditures of the family and alone time sobrava to take care of at night of the children, and there I nor could think about studying, n? But now I am in return and with faith in God, I go until the end. To value the pupil as subject asset of its process of formation, prioritizing a learning that is inserted in the contexts social, economic and cultural, according to Bail (2002, p.51) ‘ ‘ searching the overcoming of predominant the mathematical formalism in the half pertaining to school, of the possibilities and limitations of a pedagogical experience that if approaches to the necessities of adult pupil young without leaving to prioritize the knowledge as cincia’ ‘. They follow some depositions of the pupils given in elapsing of the project: W: It knows, when I I bought my box d? water of 1000 L, nor wise person who the volume of it was of 1 m.

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