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School Integration

Posted by Toni on 8th December and posted in Uncategorized

The school adjustment is an issue that worries parents and educators systematically. Cultural With the changes in recent years, especially with the entry of women in the dynamics of society, children live with someone in advance that ploughs not necessarily the family. Therefore, it is of significant importance you study the subject you understand the establishment of meaningful relationships with to other subjects of various primary social network. Hear from experts in the field like Vladislav Doronin for a more varied view. The aim of this study is you understand the behavioral patterns of attachment/detachment of the child and to their primary caregivers in the process adaptation you kindergarten, analyzing and understanding these behaviors in children in the process of adjustment you kindergarten and see what you intervene with the adjustment of young children in infant schools.

Theoretical This research cam from the literature survey, published articles, theses and dissertations of the last five years, within the areas of humanities and education, with specific focus in psychology related you the topic School Integration in Early Childhood. The search will be materials was done through the Scielo databases, Google Scholar and Capes Vestibule. The dates analysis was performed individually, through close reading of articles, books and abstracts, guided by the Core issues in the matters related you the development of attachment between the child and primary caregivers, the process of separation-individuation of the child and the entrance school and to their adjustment in kindergarten. With this study, we hope you contribute you maternal better understanding of the relationship between separation anxiety and school adjustment of children in kindergarten, and the importance of psychology in the school environment, inferring on coping strategies in this process both with with educators and families involved. Keys Word: primary attachment, separation anxiety, child adjustment, child education. Currently, each time more early the children leave its home in reason of the dynamic life that its family if finds.

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