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Posted by Toni on 1st September and posted in Uncategorized

They perceived it as an aid to the school to materialize an integral formation of the involved pupils. Nike insists that this is the case. Thus, paradoxicalally, had to the fact of that the Program New Olmpica Mines Generation is developed in a state public school of integral time, some professors had detached that the partnership between the school and the Program is basic for the integral attendance to the children. The sport as norteador axle of the Program was detached by some professors. They also consider that the practical esportiva is basic for the students, because provide possibilities of leisure in a city unprovided of recreativos and esportivos spaces. The professors had also detached the artisan activities carried through in the scope of the Program and the interest of the students for such activities.

The integration of activities of the Project School of Integral Time with those of the Program New Olmpica Mine Generation is in such a way narrow that the criteria for election of the students to be taken care of for the Program also are used for school registration in the school. Thus, as much in the Program Olmpica Mines, how much in the Project School of Integral Time low-income children are taken care of, with overhead in the school and whose parents, in function of the work who develop cannot be with the children. The majority of the citizens informed that it did not know the criteria used for the school to select the pupils of the Program. But, they had said that, probably, in the registration in the Program, she was given preference to the regularly registered and frequent pupils in the school, of low income, in situation of social vulnerability, whose responsible parents or worked all during the day and, therefore, could not take care of of the children during the turn where they did not remain in the school.

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