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School Safety

Posted by Toni on 18th March and posted in Uncategorized

Published new Advisor prepares children on the way to school unaccompanied. To drive i-Dotzchen with the bicycle to school? Many parents worry about the new school. In a few weeks, it’s back so far, and tens of thousands of I-Dotzchen go the new school, in addition to learning perhaps the biggest new challenge. But dangers lurk on the new way. The previous kindergarten children should be prepared that well and you should leave nothing to chance. What should we think that if the child starts his new life? The sure strong team of Euskirchen advises that parents exercise early on the way to school with their children and continue in the first weeks and months of the new school year.

Only you can take the child to the fears and realize what mistakes it still makes. Age of six are due to their body size, not yet in the position to detect the traffic situation on parked cars across and to assess speeds approaching used cars. They can also rarely fully on focus crossing a street. Just the I-Dotzchen experience many new impressions and experiences every day and let the dangers of the Schulweges in the background. With the bike, the child should never drive unaccompanied to school, it has too little overview and responsiveness.

Many schools require placing a specific bike test, which is usually only possible in the 4th grade for this reason. There are still many more points, which should be discussed with the child in advance and trained. So thought of everything and nothing left has Ralf Schmitz, the leading expert in violence prevention at primary schools, now his new book guides school safety”published (ISBN 978-3-9812954-5-0). It is easily actionable tools for school security, is well structured and has a high practical relevance. It contains all essential background information on the training and especially many useful and creative guidance and ideas on how you can make the training day. An indispensable Guidebook for all parents with children, and for anyone interested, know to what must be observed if the training. With to do lists and schedules. Thoughtful copy templates complete the informative book. There is no scientific, for a pragmatic Guide, solution-oriented and suitable for immediate implementation within the family. This is a connoisseur of the practice on the practice and everything, he says, has proven itself. The E-book is available under shop.cfm now. Federal Press Office sure stark: Mrs Barbara Soukup Sterl (V.i.S.d.P.) service Tel. 0180-5550133-2 * questions and comments please to: Federal press office safe – heavy service – Tel. 0180-5550133-2 * service fax: 0180-5 550133-0 * * 0.14 euro / min. from a German landline; Mobile telephone maximum price: 0.42 euro per minute please have understanding for the fact that we depend on as a social institution on a part-financing of telephone costs. We like to call you back. Email: (sure-strong team)

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