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School Trip

Posted by Toni on 3rd April and posted in Uncategorized

Reading fun for children literature for children should be fun and entertain, but to some extent of course also make. Many authors the entertaining component comes from the educational perspective but too short. Not so with the Finnish writer Timo Parvela, which it creates with its colorful stories, to offer full read fun children. The news portal presents his book Ella on a school trip “. Timo Parvelas series to the girl Ella comprises four volumes and is praised in the media.

On the side of the pupil, the reader experience many adventures, bring the kids to dream. In the Band Ella on a school trip”is about a school trip and Ella’s adventures on this trip. Actually the students want to spend a few days in the South, but already at the airport and during the flight something goes wrong. So, the class ends up mistakenly cold Lapland. The teacher, who is locked in the cargo compartment on the flight finally regularly for amusement.

The figure becomes as sometimes shown irrational and humorous teachers. The game is also the wife of a teacher as tour guide. It acts as a balancing and sounder pole. The adventure seen Ella with her classmates, encourage further reading and are very refreshing, if not always realistic. In Finland include the books by Timo Parvela who was primary school teachers themselves even, now at school reading. More information: media /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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