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SEA Language

Posted by Toni on 1st January and posted in Uncategorized

Something can be made pretty or ugly, can represent any thing, person, car, house, world or simply barro' '. It plays with the adobe in its hands, seeming child. In this experiment, I obtained to tell diverse possibilities with the use of the adobe, however, to if dealing with its life, he does not see exit for its problems. When entering in the room he considers one activity: ' ' does not have none brincadeirinha? ' '. It arrived introspective and if giving account that the vicious cycle went to start. For Aguiar (2005), any subject that is brought to the therapy says respect to the customer and therefore, it meets related inside with the symptom of a figure-deep perspective. Silence can be substituted by the power of the creation, for the abstract language of the art, promoting a communication bridge. It will still be able, to favor the bond, beyond developing and fortifying the creative potential and the sense of individuality.

Nor always the therapy flows as if it waits. For times, it constraint and the customer silences because it needs to hear in its silence. To work with art is the possibility to cover other ways, therefore the way of the verbal language is repleto of rationalizations and depleted of satisfactory resources. The life is not an emergency To live as in an emergency it was to the form learned and internalizada for SEA (44 years), and at least for the time being, it was the only available resource of joined functioning for the organism to balance itself. Ribeiro affirms that, ' ' they are, many times, desperate forms of creative adjustment, as a language that, by means of pain, obtains to become to hear, therefore the intellect already does not find reply adequate its demandas' ' (2006, P. 65). With a picture of Upheaval of the panic, since the beginning of the therapy if it disponibilizou for all the activities proposals.

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