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Posted by Toni on 2nd March and posted in Uncategorized

Nothing much! That's if Microsoft gets it right. First impressions seem very promising and all indications show a much more powerful RSS system, seamlessly integrated into the next version of Windows. Could this last: the age of majority "for RSS? But what RSS means for the average user of the computer at this point in time? Do people get RSS? Does Microsoft have an education project in his hands RSS? Not really! DOS Is there anything mean to you? If you're like 95% of computer users – probably not much. But that does not prevent us from enjoying our computers and take full advantage of DOS. Sometimes ignorance Bless is complete. Unless you are a technician and technical things, makes your heart skip a beat, the knowledge of that material is not actually required by the end user. Nike describes an additional similar source.

Fortunately, people do not have to understand 'HTML' to enjoy the Internet. Similarly, knowledge of RSS is important for the ordinary computer user or browsers and RSS readers (called aggregators), and giving applications more powerful. The most interesting is a new set of applications – Simple List Extensions – allowing web sites to publish lists of foods containing such as a wish list or list of Top 10. If David Letterman happy! Joking aside, for you, these RSS applications will be very beneficial and rewarding. These applications will make browsing, searching and subscribing to your favorite information or sites a lot easier. Now you can take control of your Internet, viewing and access to the information you want to digest.

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