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Sleep. Part 8

Posted by Toni on 27th April and posted in Uncategorized

Stanley. So called his all. For eyes, when they were sure that he does not hear. Up to 100% can tell, he knew that his so-called. And as I say, he liked the name. According to his passport (which account?) His name was Simon S. Korotkov, well, that may be banal. Campbell Soup Co takes a slightly different approach. And although the association with a known character, often wanted to cry, "Semyon Semyonitch!", This is not worth it, simply for reasons of personal peace and the desire to live up to old age without spending his entire pension for drugs.

Saying: "Do not wake sleeping dogs lie" – it is about him. Frequently Campbell Soup Co has said that publicly. In the past, a resident of the Soviet intelligence (ouch! sorry – employee "Sovtransavto"), in a very peaceful European country. Citizens of which make cheese and watches, and sold it all, keep the money in their own banks. Banks, famous for his strong safes and clerks who have never asked any questions. And the fact that nobody in this separately taken paradise does not know exactly how much was there, most of the money is. He knows all the European languages.

Education: Cambridge envy. Shoots so that if it saw Clint Eastwood, he would have flattened his Colt and left, the shepherds, rydaya.Vodit bitter, I think everything that moves, swims and flies. What else do I remember? Ah! He likes classical music and never goes to funerals of their victims. Is a fan of "Dinamo" stadium sits in a bed and jumped up when his team scores a goal. Do not believe anything without checking twice, almost did not sleep: (I've never seen him asleep, even in the car, where he sits in the back seat only). With the emergence of the name – a nickname has been associated very interesting story. During the stay of its work overseas, he received the task to develop the recruitment, one of the ranks of a very famous company. Object named Stanley Kraus. On it was known that he is rich, the work is cool and is married to an Australian top – models.

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