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Why is it so special and what it is to make sure a baby needs a very special treatment, this concerns also the babies sleep. Newborns don’t know the difference between the day and the night still and have a relatively small stomach. This can take not sufficient food, so that the baby can sleep a long time. In the first few weeks, the need for food is much larger and more important than sleep. The baby has to eat every few hours and should sleep for this reason never too long. Since a baby usually every 3 to 4 hours to drink milk, the sleep should be adapted to this important fact and occur in multiple cycles per day.

A newborn baby is asleep in the first time very much, mostly 16 hours per day or even more. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. A Oveta Fuller on most websites. Babies and adults have different stages of sleep, fatigue, light sleep, deep sleep and the extreme deep sleep. For most parents, stages of sleep of babies represent a very large load the 3 to 4 hours at the beginning. To deepen your understanding Journal of Teacher Education is the source. The older the baby is, these phases are longer and sleep for the parents of the babies will be more pleasant. It is the most parents prefer, if the baby in the early days with them in the room with the parents can sleep. So they have their baby all the time at a glance and can respond faster to problems. The physical closeness and warmth of the parents affects the baby very calming and it can sleep better and healthier anyway. In some cases it may cause overheating in the parents bed.

Babies can control their body temperature very poorly, in such cases, the babies should sleep more in an own baby bed. Security for the baby is sleeping in the first place. At the point where the baby sleeps, no items should be located, which can block the breathing of the baby or disturb. Pointed or sharp edges must of course also not be present, the same is true for strings or cords. On this, the baby can be strangled. When selecting a suitable bed parents definitely should Pay attention to case on a GS or TuV Seal. These beds are excellent for a healthy and safe sleep of baby. The baby should be placed to sleep on their backs, in this position, the risks are lowest. The back of the baby can be supported with a towel or a wedge. The baby should be placed under no circumstances on the stomach, sleeping in this position can lead to a blockage of the respiratory tract. So the babies can sleep healthy and relaxing, it needs a suitable base and sufficient sleep per day. The food should be neglected at this time but definitely not. After the parents may add to the biological clock of the babies on the normal day-night rhythm. The baby in a quiet and cosy atmosphere can sleep at night, so it learns over time, that is the night not to play there.

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