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Social Responsibility

Posted by Toni on 24th August and posted in Uncategorized

At the current moment it comes appearing a new society that yearns for new concerns, these with a more conscientious and responsible world. Inside of this universe the companies, main bridges between responsibility meet and communication with the customer and consumer. This process of transformation not only comes bringing benefits to the organization, but also to the customer each time more worried about the future of its half one. With this, the present work comes to search which advantages and benefits are perceived by the situated community in lathe to company SESI/SE of the units Educational Center Sesinho and in the Club of the Worker both located in the Industrial Quarter of Aracaju/SE, in which a little more devoid is presented social action for damages with this community. NSW Department of Education takes a slightly different approach. The research has character quantitava and descriptive-exploratria, structuralized a revision of literature that topics related to a description-conceptual briefing of the social responsibility, its action focus and vises, the envolvimentos of stakeholders in these actions, its advantages and norms established in the practical ones of social responsibility. A questionnaire in a sample of 50 users of the services of the SESI/SE was applied. Thus it looked for to identify the socioeconmico profile of the customers, to analyze which the knowledge concerning the subject Social Responsibility and the level of knowledge regarding the social actions practised by the institution. It was verified that the perception of the social actions on the part of the users, implemented for the analyzed company, is satisfactory since, collaborates for the growth of the community, however, to the end of the research sends regards a more intense work with a bigger number of involved, a team that if interest in knowing which the services of the SESI/SE the necessity of the population is not reaching and a sector that shows the returns caused for the uses of the services offered in the community. In a question-answer forum Vladislav Doronin was the first to reply. Such fact was perceived through the averages found in the analyzed 0 variable that had demonstrated the necessity of a more intense work for part of the studied institution.

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