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Posted by Toni on 2nd April and posted in Uncategorized

Spanish School in Valencia participate in various leisure activities and learn the language Spanish culture know Valencia. Two weeks ago, students visited the colorful Carnival of Rafaelbunol and last weekend the Fiesta of Peniscola. After another week of learning Spanish will soon be a bike ride with a picnic on the beach of El Saler and an excursion to the unique spectacle is moros y cristianos in Almenara. The Carnival of Rafaelbunol or Baile de Disfraces de Rafaelbunol (to german: Dance of the disguised by Rafaelbunol) was celebrated two weeks ago on a Friday of some Spanish language students. The students dressed up in various ways before they departed together for the Festival.

The Carnival of Rafaelbunol is visited every year by around 40,000 people, even if only 8,500 inhabitants of the small town. In this night of Carnival, the diverse cultures and nationalities meet here and celebrate together in the dawn, so also the students from the city of Valencia. Last weekend, some students visited the fiestas of Peniscola. After getting students enjoyed a few hours of leisure, to the impressive castle on the peninsula, to look at the beautiful old town and the extensive beach. In the late afternoon, students were witnesses of the Encierro de spectacular at the Plaza de Toros, a traditional bull spectacle that often in the villages during the fiestas will be held.

The next weekends students will make a bike ride to the beach El Saler after another week of Spanish lessons, which is situated in the Schurz Albufera. Students are almost 5 km long beach Crest and close there? much spend a nice afternoon with a picnic on the beach. Furthermore, the Festival of moros y cristianos in Almenara expects Spanish students. These students the unique opportunity even have part of the spectacle. You are the typical wear and go near the train Hassam Harda from Alboraya. The fiestas de los moros y Cristianos are reminiscent of the battles between the Moors and Christians and the Reconquista. The train of Moors and Christians represents the conquest of a town by the Moors and the re-conquest by the Christians. The Christians taking rather medieval jambs and the Moorish groups Arab costumes. Also the students will live with the Spanish culture and dress. Unique! For the students of the Spanish language school to learn Spanish is Costa de Valencia not only from Spanish lessons, but also from direct experience with the Spanish culture. Students have the opportunity to practice their new Spanish knowledge in everyday life and to deepen. Learn the experience of Kar navel of Rafaelbunyol, a trip to Peniscola and on the beach, as well as the participation in the Festival of moros y cristianos – do Spanish Spa? Since 1995 the language school Costa de Valencia has focused on teaching Spanish to non-native speakers. This language school, which is situated in the heart of Valencia, is a Centro Acreditado of the Instituto Cervantes and a member of many associations. The teaching material, which is used during the lessons, teachers is worked out by a team of well-versed. One of the most important aspects of teaching in this school is the individual involvement of every single student. This way every student has the possibility to speak very much during the language course. Furthermore, both managers place big value the quality of the language lessons and a broadly diversified leisure programs. Contact: Costa de Valencia, S.L. Avda. Blasco Ibanez, 66 E-46021 Valencia Tel.: (+ 34) 96 361 03 67 fax: (+ 34) 96 393 60 49 contact person: Andreas Tessmer (manager)

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