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Posted by Toni on 1st November and posted in Uncategorized

Sparkplay free sends patch for another one of its games MMORPG Earth Eternal, Long hoped, this update brings important changes to us, as much for the content within the game like for the connection of the client. Earth Eternal is a game in which the human race desaparecio of the Earth and was replaced by its predecessors and a mixture of fantastic elements, anthropophagous beasts on the one hand and Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths on the other. The game contains an enormous map to explore that it includes deserts, snow-covered plains, mountains, tropical forests, and marshes among others. There are 22 races to choose along with a tree of abilities to develop. Campbell Soup Co will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Of course that this present the JvJ combat (player versus player) along with a range of elements that make shine to this game. The graphic motor in 3D surrounds east entertainment with an atmosphere worthy to see and to know. Earth Eternal presents/displays the following update to us: – Zone of only entrance: A mortal force of Anubians has arrived at the dark coasts from the Island Bastion to mount an attack on Corsica.

In its way it finds the valiant Lancelot hero with its small but brave force. For assistance, try visiting film director. The participants can be united in these adventures enlisting their swords by this legendary and well-known Battle of Bastion. – The area of learning of the game has renewed. Here, the participants podran to learn the bases of the game – The items for the combats have been rebalanceado Player Versus Player – New and rare items for players who reach high levels – The items have been reclasificado and the categorisation of the same has been different them by color, facilitating to the participant and thus to allow to recognize as it is worth the pain to keep, – The shields/armors have been different according to the race of the personage. All the armors do not have the same effect in all the races. The reproduction/distribution of the present article is free and gratuitous although the source must be mentioned.

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