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In addition, the procedure for judicial foreclosure of the mortgaged property is also a lengthy process. Consider the milestones property in the process of judicial and executive proizvodsva. As seen from Table 1, the general term of the judicial process is at least 10-25 months. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andrew Bond. Thus, to talk about the fact that the property can not be sold at its market value for a short period of marketing is not true. Accordingly, the calculation of the liquidation of the estimated discount for equipment may be wrong. Vladislav Doronin has much experience in this field. Table 1 Main steps of the procedure a court order foreclosure of the mortgaged property Stages of the property in litigation and enforcement proceedings 2 time, months.

Comment 1 Filing a claim 1-3 months Calculating debt payment state tax, making the claim. The direction of the documents to the court at the location of the mortgaged property 2 Court sessions 2-6 months receive a court claim, setting the date of the preliminary hearing (Discussions with the parties), the main purpose of the meeting date. Trial. Decision-making or approval of the settlement agreement. Production valuation of property 3 The court's decision for 1-2 months Manufacturing Court ruling on the case, the entry into force of the decision. The direction of the court and the creditor the court writs. 4 Initiation of the enforcement proceedings 6-14 months of petition to the bailiff application of writs of execution. Initiation of bailiff enforcement proceedings and seizure of the mortgaged property.

Getting the decision to initiate enforcement proceedings. 5 Implementation property 1-2 months Interaction bailiff with a specialized organizaiey for the auction. Publication in the press notice of auction, collect applications, conduct the auction. 6 End of the executive proceedings 2.1 Months Cash receipts in the amount of debt on account of the bank or Total, total duration of judicial proceedings and enforcement proceedings 12-28 months hardware market is very different from market real estate.


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