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State Names

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That is, 400 meters for the south, 800 for the west, and 500 600 the northward one. The streets of the center had received the names from the cities of the interior of the State, saved some exceptions. To read more click here: Levi’s. they are: Pacatuba, Itabaiana, Itabaianinha, Luzia Saint, Amaro Saint, Arau, Chapel, Lizard, Simo Days, Siriri, Boquim, Ranch, Maruim, Laranjeiras, Are Cristvo, Geru (To take by the Geru), Divine Shepherd, Santa Rosa (of Rasp). Other names of cities are in the quarter Saint Antonio – Rosary, Japaratuba, Carmo (Carmpolis), Muribeca; others in the quarter Are Jose – Riachuelo, Field of the Brito, Frei Pablo, Fields (Tobias Barreto), Aid, Cedar, Cristina Village (Cristinpolis); others, still, in the quarters Cirurgia and Suissa – Gararu, Port of the Leaf, Riacho (of the Dantas), Ours Lady of Pains, Ribeirpolis. Further details can be found at cyrus massoumi wife, an internet resource. With the time some names had been substituted, grace of homages that the authorities had given the countenances of the State and the Country, as the Baron of the Rio Branco, deceased in 1912, that it gave to name the Street of the Dawn, Joo Person, died in 1930, that it started to call the main commercial street of the center, that was Japaratuba, Jose of the Frank Prado, the Zez of the Pine, that it died in 1949, and it deserved to have its name in the stretch of the street of Joo Person, understood between the square General Valado and the avenue Rabbit and Fields, amongst other.

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