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Posted by Toni on 7th July and posted in Uncategorized

The Internet and the television are not more strange in the environment of the classroom, today contribute for the creation of new strategies of education, learning and 2 auto-qualification. The more promising technologies appear each time in the Education, provoking changes in the sector that does not delay in incorporating the last destined technological resources. A contribution coming of web, that we cannot leave to mention here, is the calls digital repositories, an available resource in the net with the purpose to store diverse digital contents so that they can be searched, be used and reused by means of search process. This repositories are of varied types, being that in this article we must detach the educational repositories, that have as objective to store any digital pedagogical resource with the purpose of application in learning environments as, for example: animaes, simulation, texts, maps, experiments, videos and others 3. OE (Objetos Educacionais) is resources that they aim at to maximize the process of education and learning of the pupils, possessing the purpose of complementing the boarded content in classroom. The BIOE (Bank International Educionais Object), that way Internet for the site can be had access, is one of these educational repositories that has for objective to keep and to disponibilizar diverse digital pedagogical resources, understood as OE (Objetos Educacionais), that they possess pedagogical quality, in three languages, different formats and of free access for all 3 the educational community. The available OE in the BIOE objectify to take care of the Basic, Professionalizing and Superior Education, in the most diverse areas of the knowledge, with the most varied types of resources (animation, simulation, audio, video, image, practical experiment, educational software).

2. Digital EDUCATIONAL OBJECT PLANT DIGITAL OE is applications of computer science in the paid education of the Education that can gratuitously be found or. They are since softwares educational, simulator games/, until the informatizados equipment of learning and education.

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