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Cultural Center Munchen

Posted by Toni on 1st November in books & magazines

A Munich author writes strange Munich on June 22, 2008 Munich author Simone stainless mountain in the Sub, the gay communications and Cultural Center Munchen e. V., from 8: 00 selected delicacies of erotic prose introduces. In recent months, barrett beauden has been very successful. Especially piquant: The self-confessed lover of man writes mainly gay […]

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Management By E-Mail

Posted by Toni on 29th October in books & magazines

Free guide helps managers when the email using a guide targeted specifically on the situation of managers shows executives how they can optimally use email. The advice is based on the best practice findings from numerous email efficiency projects of SofTrust consulting, a specialist for email efficiency. The book covers topics such as the best […]

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OM Books Presents

Posted by Toni on 16th February in books & magazines

Exclusive interview with the Publisher Ajay MAGO India OM books international AO exclusive: OM books at the Frankfurt book fair Daniela Happel, in an interview with the Publisher Ajay MAGO there is the day before the opening of the Frankfurt book fair. All carpets are covered with plastic, is still working on the exhibition stands. […]

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The Shadowlands

Posted by Toni on 24th July in books & magazines

Bastian Baumgart is proud of his success. The student of the RWTH Aachen University presented a novel, enriched the fantasy world. In the forest of the Elves the rumor, that the members of the old Council of the dark shadow creatures were killed. Each track is missing from the Seer, who directs the fortunes of […]

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North America

Posted by Toni on 29th June in books & magazines

“From his 7 summits project the summiteers Steve Kroeger a mental training system and various lectures developed – the 7 SUMMITS strategy it is the inner attitude that makes the difference between a weighted and a life of ease”. Mountaineer, author and motivational speaker Steve Kroeger (36) knows what he’s talking about. So, since 2007, […]

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Kids Learning To Read

Posted by Toni on 9th June in books & magazines

Learning and reading book for children aged 4 years and teaches respect animals and happiness not only as a human privilege. Lady Cindy tells us their secret wishes for a happy coexistence. Allow? Lady Cindy,”Ambassador of Guinea Pigs unfortunately everyday life of a Guinea pig is often the early demise through wrong attitude, an unrecognized, […]

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School Trip

Posted by Toni on 3rd April in books & magazines

Reading fun for children literature for children should be fun and entertain, but to some extent of course also make. Many authors the entertaining component comes from the educational perspective but too short. Not so with the Finnish writer Timo Parvela, which it creates with its colorful stories, to offer full read fun children. The […]

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Abizeitungen School

Posted by Toni on 8th December in books & magazines

Information, which is actually not a student needs, but still want to have all Abizeitungen are newspapers or sometimes even whole books, which published after or before graduation from the high school graduates are. In it are mostly reviews to the teachers in all sorts, serious as well as imbeciles categories such as sex appeal […]

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School Safety

Posted by Toni on 18th March in books & magazines

Published new Advisor prepares children on the way to school unaccompanied. To drive i-Dotzchen with the bicycle to school? Many parents worry about the new school. In a few weeks, it’s back so far, and tens of thousands of I-Dotzchen go the new school, in addition to learning perhaps the biggest new challenge. But dangers […]

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