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The Fourth Dimension

Posted by Toni on 7th December in education

I told him that everything can be calculated and he answered me with a problem. If you have an inside bucket and deposit an ant, where the ant move? Apparently you can not tell to where would the ant. But I went further. Why can not I ask? Because we are trying to calculate a […]

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English Courses

Posted by Toni on 30th November in education

With a thick dictionary of small size is convenient to work can not be said about the publication of more landscape format. We advise buying dictionary of general vocabulary to fifty thousand words, no less (more – better). Please note: there is always a good edition of the examples of the use of words. Try […]

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Special Education

Posted by Toni on 17th November in education

According to Vigotsky (1989), ' ' the capacity is not a complete function, but a different series of functions and factors that are joined in one todo' ' (P. 127). says more, is necessary to create cultural instruments (signs) special, that they obtain to take off the deficient one of the limited development of the […]

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State University

Posted by Toni on 12th November in education

Therefore is seem obliged to yield its authority so that other institutions intervine. The pupils seem lost in this space that pparently does not belong to them, of which do not recognize themselves as part. Ron Daniels johns Hopkins is full of insight into the issues. The school that before was a place of knowing, […]

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Successful Presentations

Posted by Toni on 29th October in education

Courses in English 'new model' answer all the questions English language courses in Moscow English language program "New Model" provides answers to many questions on the presentation in English. For what Need a presentation? 99 percent of the goal of any presentation – it's for sale. This may be a sale of goods, services, brand […]

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Learning a Foreign Language

Posted by Toni on 15th October in education

In a previous article we touched on topics such as assess the "professional" teacher, because of the level of teachers and the quality of training depends on your further knowledge of the language. But what if you can not change teacher because of one or another reason? If you inevitably have to learn a language […]

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The Opportunity

Posted by Toni on 12th October in education

It’s tormentor and I uncommented, siempre.5 if possible, post the comment without waiting for moderation by the author, this encourages return to comment on in the future. This tip should be carefully applied and remain vigilant to possible spam that can BREW because there are always malicious waiting for the opportunity. Monitor and act. Most […]

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Product Quality

Posted by Toni on 11th October in education

The code sets short deadlines for denunciation of Vice or defect in quality, with the purpose that the seller can find out in a short term operation has concluded. As to the term of denunciation must distinguish: to be defects, defects in quality or quantity that are apparent, that is, they can be known by […]

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The Evolution

Posted by Toni on 11th October in education

However, it imagines what they think in relation to the professionals of average education. Checking article sources yields Gerald Weissmann, MD as a relevant resource throughout. It is necessary that the professionals of average education reflect in the quality of the transmission of the information of sciences. Happily it has in Brazil good books in […]

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Porto Alegre

Posted by Toni on 10th October in education

This sound is most complex of all in our alphabet, what in fact if it becomes difficult pupils very to memorize them immediately. Another problem that if revealed in the writing is of the nasalizao, this situation is also ones of most complex than it exists in our language, what it finishes for making it […]

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Posted by Toni on 30th September in education

That these give to problems the time all. What many do not know, or they do not perceive, that, the pupils who many friction times as ‘ ‘ preguiosos’ ‘ , e’ ‘ incapazes’ ‘ , they can, to be to present learning difficulties that appear in the individuals of soft forms; moderate; serious; deep. […]

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Necessary Physical Spaces

Posted by Toni on 29th September in education

The language extends the cognitivo development because it favors the relationship and it provides the ways of control of what it is it are of reach for the lack of the vision. So that the learning is complete becomes necessary to supply a systematic programming to it of experiences, giving emphasis the concrete learning and […]

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Arendt School

Posted by Toni on 28th September in education

The school is place of the past, in good and the essential one felt of the term. must be, same because it does not have reasonable future without the immersion in the historical tracing of the different fields of knowledge. this is called tradition. Tradition is not synonymous of confusion of time, as well as […]

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Project Pedagogical Politician

Posted by Toni on 27th September in education

It has a correlation of forces and it is in this shock that if the conflicts originate propitiating the construction of new forms of work, with open spaces to the collective reflection that they favor the dialogue, the horizontal communication enter the different involved segments with the educative process, the decentralization of being able. 7) […]

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Mendoza Maipu

Posted by Toni on 25th September in education

Maipu Department is part of the Province called greater Mendoza, i.e. the densely populated urban cord that is located on the outskirts of the provincial capital. Staying in one of the many hotels in Mendoza, is very feasible then, due to its proximity, make visits or excursions to this picturesque place which provides a lot […]

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Posted by Toni on 25th September in education

School Olympics – a springboard for future students or skip the entrance exams need for highly qualified personnel in the field of science has caused new forms of promotion of scientific knowledge. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Balkrishna Goenka. One of these forms – school competitions, which are currently conducted in many […]

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LDB Pupils

Posted by Toni on 18th September in education

For this, not to neglect in the education none of the potentialities of each individual: memory, reasoning, aesthetic direction, physical capacities, aptitude to communicate itself. It is convenient to stand out that the dedicated volumes to the introduction of the Curricular Parameters National PCNs (1997, P. 15-16), pedagogical instruments of the government that guide the […]

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Posted by Toni on 17th September in education

With creativity, with innovation, the work paved in these references will truily contribute for the reach of the considered objectives to innovate. The interpretation of psicopedagogo introduces one another image, one another symbol. It is important that all of an institution if speak so that they can be listened to and create what he is […]

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Posted by Toni on 16th September in education

Such questions could be contemplated in the elaboration of this article, that certainly will find a new way to reorient its practical pedagogical: how the playful process influences in the learning of the children in the alfabetizao? ; Which the difficulties found for the professor ahead of the use of the games in each classroom? […]

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Brazilian Education

Posted by Toni on 14th September in education

Final notes: The aggravation of the educational situation in Brazil compels to the governing to work for a change in the picture of the valuation of the professional of the education. The Brazilian came back its eyes toward the professors and with this projects he has been created in order to stimulate the teaching formation, […]

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