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The Relevance Of The Organizational Climate

Posted by Toni on 22nd December in entertainment

Carlos Mora Vanegas everyday companies are subject to challenges, changes, all of this, the product of the behavior of the scenarios in which they operate, that the Venezuelan case is turbulent, risky, with a lot of uncertainty resulting from political instability, actions of the government decided to introduce what it calls Socialism of the XXI […]

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Encyclopaedia Britannica

Posted by Toni on 22nd May in entertainment

It is therefore natural that upon entering the school the first thing I experienced was boredom, repeating a thousand times the syllables, without being felt (ma, me, me, mo, mu, sa, se, if, so, su) to finally After months, we got things like mom’s house, and year-end, Dad reads the paper, making me think in […]

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