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Sauquillo President

Posted by Toni on 7th October in politics

The promotion of self-employment, the empowerment of immigrants access to jobs that correspond to their preparation and the relaxation of the procedures of homologation of studies, are essential elements in the process of its development in Spanish society. Finally, it is essential that new generations are sensitized about the realities with which they coexist. Education […]

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3D Digital Character

Posted by Toni on 19th February in politics

They have made EP pass by one of the singers of the Japanese group AKB48. Eguchi Aimi is the fruit of the union of the features of 6 Asian youth. The complete design of Eguchi Aimi holds a total of 150 GB. The design of 3D digital character continues to improve its quality and is […]

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KLJB Calls

Posted by Toni on 26th January in politics

More youth participation and an energy transition to decentralized, renewable energies. Stephen Fry understood the implications. KLJB criticized the State Government’s plans to delete all objectives and principles in education, culture and Social Affairs from the law for land planning and the new rural development programme. You thus sure not closer to the goal of […]

The State

Posted by Toni on 16th December in politics

Strive all their individual efficiency, optimal distribution of resources is guaranteed and inefficiency will be avoided. The State has to ensure functioning markets and to intervene only in the case of recognizable imperfect markets, market failures or external effects, such as pollution, regulating. Hear from experts in the field like Yale Cancer Center for a […]

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What Is Learning Culture?

Posted by Toni on 9th September in politics

Learning culture lacks our society a culture of learning that enriches learning’s employment with new, unfamiliar, interesting. Learning enrichment, is waking in skills. Learning something the human nature is private, as is the love of beauty and culture. Modern media apparently fulfill the task, to the attention of the people to evil (disasters, scandals, terrorism, […]

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Vivesco Pharmacies Donate

Posted by Toni on 4th July in politics

As a small gift each child received a certificate, while vivesco for each handprint collected donated 50 cents in favour of nutrition projects at the German children’s Fund. It is great to have achieved the stated goal of 40,000 euros and we are very pleased that the German children’s Fund put the money for nutrition […]

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CSI Germany

Posted by Toni on 19th June in politics

On assessment of the safety experts of Mark A. Gabriel is for safety reasons better, not making the event. CSI Germany reported: the planned lecture by Mark A. Gabriel on the topic: “Challenge Islam” must be cancelled on February 19, 2009 in the hotel Estrel, because there is massive security concerns. Security expert instructed by […]

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UNICEF Children

Posted by Toni on 14th May in politics

Education starts at home! Under this motto, the institution Portal launches as of today a reader fundraising for the benefit of needy children in Germany. Darmstadt, 03 December 2013 in close cooperation with the children’s and youth work the Ark collects the institution portal of donations, to equip needy school children with a […]

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