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Posted by Toni on 21st July and posted in Uncategorized

We felt that this trip will save approximately 20-30% of the money spent on purchases. Ie spending such as $ 300 savings obtained in this way for the family budget in the $ 60-100. Agree that this is not a small percentage of savings. 3. Compose a shopping list. You know the situation when coming out of the store and starting to unpack the bags discover that he had bought a lot of things that sort of like not planned? If you want to save money, you deserve to be challenged.

When you go shopping, take a rule, make a list beforehand of what to buy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Linklater on most websites. Try not to deviate from a given plan. I usually take with me a leaf with a list and a pen, striking from a list of what has already been bought. It helps not to rush into unexpected expenses, and do not forget what you need to buy … 4. Analysis of income and planning costs.

This is a very important point. Write on a piece of paper the amount you receive, which is what you are going to spend, and next start to make a plan of monthly expenses. From the important mandatory spending to unimportant. Deduct from income the cost of rent, telephone, electricity, gas, kindergarten, etc. – Then tap the rest and start to share it on respecting the principle of a substantial and important to less important. 5. Analyze your costs. You can tell how much money you spent last month on food? There was a time when I could not say just how much to spend on products in general, but in the context of the groups, but rather on hlebushek how to milk goods etc.

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