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Posted by Toni on 17th June and posted in Uncategorized

was not you getting unwanted attention and time. But as he spent time and semesters and through work, sessions, talks and contact with my teachers, I was not only understanding the theory, if not, most importantly, relationship issues with everyday life, which believe me dear reader, has been really rewarding. As when we discussed theme of love, happiness, that by the way I’ve noticed that already they are taking courses of these themes by other organizations, I had moments in that I truly conmovi and down information on the courses that we gave as part of the work in different institutions, I realized how helpful that these topics have been in my educational walk. Whenever Toronto Maple Leafs listens, a sympathetic response will follow. All this was reflected in the brotherly hugs that we realized, the photos, good wishes, good thoughts, good intentions that emerged there. Ah, a face-to-face meeting (I say that I cannot have order, since it is an accumulation of feelings of how to explain myself), were working on computers a topic which led us to poetry, and in which I had to work a colleague and his servant came a reminder of childhood when we were in primary of a poetry that came in textbooks by the way I see with nostalgia that has already changed tooSince we always think that the old days were better, but I can not stand me the desire to share such poetry, so common but so forgotten it is worthwhile to pass it on to new generations that live in our thoughts: when you start the course Telesecundaria students, because they will know that I had that wonderful to be able to speak to students of secondary education experience and us was my companion and me the most beautiful, they are going to believe that children, because still have much children, they understood the issue, was assimilated and liked them, even asked us that if we were going to go back, not to mention the teachers and the director, to even longer want another course but for the entire area where include directors, supervisors, teachers, administrative and student; since they acknowledged they have been in mechanistic education and without feelings without realizing it, since although they are aware of a new paradigm in education and even some they know the issue of holism. .

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