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The DELE Exam In August In Numbers

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Information about the current DELE exam in August the diplomas in Spanish as a foreign language (D.E.L.E..) are the only international officially recognized titles are awarded by the Spanish Ministry of education and science. There are six different levels in line with the proposals of the common European framework of reference for languages (CEFR): from level A1 to level C2. Every year there are three examination dates in which you can to obtain the DELE exam in six different levels: in may, August and November. The registration for the exam is up to approximately one month before the examination via the Internet, for example on the page of the Instituto Cervantes or via the a test centre. The registration fees are same in all Spain, irrespective of the specific DELE Matrikulations – and one enrolment centres. The Instituto Cervantes, in collaboration with the University of Salamanca, is the organization that created this exam and corrected. The last review date, in this year 2013 was held, was in August; dedicated to the part of the oral expression and interaction were the 21st and 22nd August and on August 23, the written exams were held then, consisted of the written expression and listening comprehension tests.

96 Students from at least 29 different Nations participated in this examination. Although the European nationalities were dominant, the participants came from countries, au? outside of our continent as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Benin, Brazil, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Korea, Taiwan or the United States came out. The tests in Valencia were of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia performed. Despite the fact that the examination which was held in August, only three of the six levels were offered, the number of participants was proportionally higher than in the Edition, which took place in May. Their reflected this growing interest of Spanish language students to reach an official title, Language skills accredited, again. Since 1995 the language school Costa de Valencia has focused on teaching Spanish to non-native speakers. This language school, which is situated in the heart of Valencia, is a Centro Acreditado of the Instituto Cervantes and a member of many associations. The teaching material, which is used during the lessons, teachers is worked out by a team of well-versed.

One of the most important aspects of teaching in this school is the individual involvement of every single student. This way every student has the possibility to speak very much during the language course. Furthermore, both managers place big value the quality of the language lessons and a broadly diversified leisure programs. Contact: Costa de Valencia, S.L. Avda. Blasco Ibanez, 66 E-46021 Valencia Tel.: (+ 34) 96 361 03 67 fax: (+ 34) 96 393 60 49 contact person: Andreas Tessmer (manager)

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