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The Education System

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For return of the decades of 1920 and 1930, new systems of work are gifts in the new industrial society. Henry Ford introduces also the accepted school 1996, P.23) Rossignol (1971) detaches that until then the directors of schools of academic education they faced true dramas, therefore they saw that to the pupils of these schools it was impossible to continue the studies mere academics and they did not have also possibility to enter a professional school, nor was prepared to be combined enough in the work force. With this we can analyze that in the attempt to understand the requirements of the work of the society of the time, many authors consider that the tecnicista boarding searched to plan the education in order to endow it with a rational organization capable to minimize the interferences that could put its efficiency at risk. Being that the predominant characteristic of this pedagogia is the parcelamento of the pedagogical work whose functions were of responsibility in the education system, of technician and specialists of the most different areas. Had to these events in such a way the professor as the student they had started to assume the condition of simple executors of the process whose planning, coordination and control of the pedagogical activities had been in charge of qualified, neutral, objective and impartial specialists supposedly. In this thought the function of the education was to transmit knowledge, behaviors ethical, practical social, abilities considered basic for the maintenance and control of the cultural and social environment. (ALTO, 2005). Saviani (2005), explains that the tecnicista pedagogia advocated the reordenao of the educative process in way to become it objective and operational, concluding that if in the traditional pedagogia the initiative fit to the professor and if in the new pedagogia the initiative was dislocated for the pupil, in the tecnicista pedagogia the main element started to be the rational organization of the ways, occupying the professor and the pupil secondary position.


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