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The Evidence

Posted by Toni on 3rd January and posted in Uncategorized

Continually I thought that I could have done different, and he felt by having embarked on that company. This man didn’t mind that that error was not more than an experience from which you could learn a valuable lesson. After some workshops, this man began to understand and improve the relationship with that brother and now they have managed to rebuild the company and sell it with great benefits. When we identify a negative pattern we can ask ourselves: what benefit out of this experience? What’s positive in it? If we are honest we can learn to meet these needs in a way more positive and not harmful to us. Some people ill as a way to draw the attention of their close ones.

Sure there is a more positive way to meet that need which leads them to seek attention so painfully. We take care of our body our welfare largely depends on how we feel in our body. If we do not eat properly, exercise, we do etc it will be very difficult to make us feel good. The acceptance and respect for ourselves necessarily passes through the care of our body. There are very few people who really know which is how to eat right for them: type of food they agree, when, as they must be cooked processed, refined foods, sugar, milk, etc are all foods that we should avoid in our diets. We can think: but I do not notice anything in reality is like a drop of mud in a glass of mud, we don’t notice anything. And however if we miss a drop of water in a glass of clean water the effect is overwhelming. In the same way the human body is made to be in motion and not to spend 8-10 hours sitting in a Chair.

Let’s make statements positive statements spoken forcefully looking in a mirror have very positive results. As we all know our beliefs create our experiences. We chose what to think. Positive affirmations are ways to reprogram our thoughts towards other more positive and beneficial. The claims those with inner strength have a powerful impact on our unconscious, they are creating new experiences and patterns of thoughts. The evidence here is of utmost importance. OK we already at this moment do not expect to have arranged things or to change others to accept you and respect you as you are. The moment of power is always in the present, now. From the moment in which we ourselves, we attract people who also want to and who we want to. The objective is to achieve unconditional love, and to achieve this we must begin by loving and accepting ourselves. We’re not here to please others or to live in accordance with their guidelines. We can only live in our own way and walk our own path. When we abandon the planet we will not take our couple, car, House, etc., but our capacity to love. 2008, Anne shipyards. Coach, writer and motivational speaker at international level.


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