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The Forno Professor

Posted by Toni on 26th August and posted in Uncategorized

One becomes necessary to remember, that the methodology of the professor so far, in accordance with our comments, have been that one that the author it defines in the trick of ' ' Mouth of the Forno' '. Exemplary pupil is that one that has standardized answers, that in the majority of the exercises the model presented in the didactic book follows. It seems that already he is implicit in its soul does not think – repeats as it was taught to it. After that an evaluation more acurada ' ' mestre' ' it says that the pupils do not have critical sense, that is, accurately as the frog of Rubem Alves, forgets that he is prince and coaxa, likes mud, everything this for force of the word it professor. Yale paleontologist wanted to know more. Currently what the pupil knows or must know he is not being measured for the note of 0 the 10, however in a srdida way more, where the professor I attributed one ' ' progression simples' ' to all those that ' ' they follow modelo' ' without appreciating its performance, its participation accomplishes, its creativity, or its individual production.

The pupil who paints a taken off drawing of the computer, that marks the localization of its city in the ready map, is being creative or bitolado? You discipline them are presented as a sacrifice, a fight where it is successful optimum, a punishment never as an alternative of personal, social growth psychic e, for each apprentice. The learning always is travestida of competition, of competition. We are not forming more amiable, intelligent better people, compromised with its success, to become a more sociable HUMAN BEING, in contrast, we create machines the service of the capitalist system, that the companies always request more why if they had forgotten that they are people, and in the pertaining to school process of coisificao, if they had become tools as such is operated by heads unscrupulous.


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