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The Fourth Dimension

Posted by Toni on 7th December and posted in Uncategorized

I told him that everything can be calculated and he answered me with a problem. If you have an inside bucket and deposit an ant, where the ant move? Apparently you can not tell to where would the ant. But I went further. Why can not I ask? Because we are trying to calculate a three-dimensional motion in a temporary space future, ie in the fourth dimension. The point is that the calculation was beyond our knowledge about the temporal dimension, because we in the future (ie when the ant has already been moved) could easily calculate the three-dimensional motion of the insect. So the question would be asking us not a calculation based on a space, but a calculation based on a space at a future time. Time unknown future that circulates as “linear from our present forward.” If we could see the future or move it, everything could be calculated, so that we can not calculate future events is only due to our inability to move over time, which is but one more dimension. Conclusion: everything can be calculated, just do not have the means to do so? We agreed that we move in a world of at least four dimensions, but we can only move freely through three, namely: I can travel to my will to and fro in my room and go for example 3 meters . At how did vladislav doronin make his money you will find additional information.

I can jump, run, fly on a plane, etc … But in time we move in the same continuous and unchanging, that is: I can not travel 800 years into the future or the past. Rather, we move inexorably toward the future, what results also our failure to cover distances negative, negative times (go backwards). Let’s talk about why. Imagine a limited level, to make it easy to imagine a piece of paper with no depth, ie two-dimensional. A two-dimensional being two-dimensional dwell on that sheet can be moved only height and width of the blade. What if that sheet in metiesemos a three dimensional sphere.

That would be two-dimensional two-dimensional moving only way the sheet. Say it is able to know that there is both a “superior.” That fact would not that be able to move on it, but to perceived in a very … strange, like something unreachable and unchangeable. This is how I try to set the time. We are part of it


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