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Posted by Toni on 6th November and posted in Uncategorized

Who took these four simple rules of the game, immediately reduces the risk of unfortunate and destructive patterns of conversation. And it is here also quite clear, that dialectic is so far from there to enforce the own opinion as lossless. Just below the keyword rhetoric, this misunderstanding is still widespread. Starting point of a dispute call”are mostly opposite or at least different opinions, but aim is not the opinion of the person as wrong, and the right to represent and this aspect is too often forgotten in conversation practice. Target a conversation remains rather constructive communication about the subject Difference of opinion. It is to achieve a balance of opinions to reach a consensus which is equal for both parties of the truth. From those principles a rhetoric can be now for our modern era derived, not just aimed at the rhetorical victory to victory sake, but is instead entirely aligned on the successful understanding of the interlocutor, who seek to fathom the truth together.

And so are the means of the rhetoric of verbal feints, finding subtleties, smoke screens, or deadly arguments, instead of alone in the conviction that the personal reasoning, on the one hand the coherent content reflected that unfolds in a good style of interviewing. “Because a dispute is no declaration of war, and the own arguments are no weapons”, that you the opponents ‘ defeat. As the objections and arguments! are much more likely to consider as stages on the common path to the truth. With any convincing argument to approaching the consensus of mutual understanding. With such kind of conversation to get not only faster and better to the target, it suggests also a stylish and sovereign personality, that it has not needed to silence his interlocutor. This aspect is far from irrelevant, because conversations that keep a certain level even in delicate situations, rarely lead to unnecessary conflicts and are therefore quite constructive to call.

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