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The Pioneers

Posted by Toni on 16th August and posted in Uncategorized

1 According to Florestan (FERNANDES, 1995, P. 194-195) although the contradictions that crossed the movement of the pioneers, the efforts of this ' ' tangent burguesa' ' in the educational area they must be praised by searching to place Brazil in a new platform. &#039 was an utopia; ' reformista' ' of overcoming of stages, but an utopia that it aimed at to offer to all the social classrooms a minimum of dignity. However, these ' ' intelligences radicais' ' , followers of the referring to abolitionism workmanship, had not cheated to reach the aimed at objectives. ' ' Why? Because in Brazil, for the elites of the ruling classes, what it was important, what was functional, was to neglect the education of, not to educate; to educate the children of the elites and to neglect the education of the mass; to keep the mass it are of the school or then to inside place the mass of the school as future man power, qualified or half qualified, of some degrees of development econmico.' ' 2 low the quality of Brazilian public education can be measured by the high indices of evasion and repetncia, as well as for the international evaluations that place our pupils in platforms baixssimos. As root cause, it is proven precarious formation of the faculty, that suffers with the social depreciation from the profession and with the lack from structure and support in the majority from the institutions from education (NATIONAL INSTITUTE FROM STUDIES EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH, 2003).

2. The current pupil and its relationship with new technologies. The pedagogical new features and the mundane sofisticaes had always entered for the pertaining to school routine by means of all an educational hierarchy, first the director at last communicated with its managing team that repassed the coordinators and these to the professors who placed together in action with the pupils what of new if he considered, were always the tonic of the pertaining to school relations, from top to bottom obeying a certain order so that the things could happen.


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