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Posted by Toni on 6th August and posted in Uncategorized

The knowledge thus becomes mere a transposition of ideas that in the truth are not of pupils. The necessary professor to be motivated to give a good lesson, however many are in this profession due to option in the work market, being not motivated with low wage floor, needing to have many groups, what the time enough takes off them to plan this good lesson. E, moreover, if comes across with the lack of didactic resources in the public schools what also they hinder to bring new methods to work its lessons, fits to the professor to win the thought of static Geography that was for much time repassed in the schools as form of maintenance of the hierarquizada society. For this she is necessary to instigate the curiosity of the pupil so that it can bring its contributions for the classroom, generating a space where it has exchange of knowledge, dialogue and contact with the different reality, this occurs when the professor feels the acquired knowledge safe from to exert its paper of educator. Thus through an education only it criticizes that problematize the proper reality will be possible to win with the difficulties and decays existing in the education of Geography, Vesentini affirms that: The effective reality in the Brazilian schools in general exists rarssimas exceptions is extremely precarious, beyond the problems of low wage of the professors, of the raised one I number of lessons per week that they are obliged to fulfill, and of the excess of pupils for room, we must still add the equipment lack, everything this is aggravated by the preconceptions against disciplines (and against the humanity in general considered secondary) that she is with a reduced horria load and cannot disapprove or hold back no pupil, in those States where this still exists and faces an enormous difficulty to operacionalizar the studies of the way, that are importantssimos in educative practical its.


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