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Posted by Toni on 12th December and posted in Uncategorized

Block diagram of algorithm for determining the combination of 5 numbers from 36 numbers = 376 992 options. Under the proposed algorithm can make a block diagram for determining the sequence of 36 numbers, 5 numbers of 376 992 combinations. C53 3 1. Determination of ICG numbers. 2. Determination of MCP numbers. 3.

Sequencing of the 36 rooms 5 rooms. Flow chart shown in Fig. 1. 4. Conclusion. Calculations showed that all = 376 992 options consist of 6 numbers and 56 ICG INC numbers and have a certain number of parameters, and they repeated a certain number of times all = 376 992 combinations. Number of numbers from 1 to 36 rooms also have their numerical parameters and are repeated a certain number of times in the ICG and numbers INC numbers, which means that they are repeated in all = 376 992 combinations of a specific number of times. To this we must add the specified sequence of numbers from 1 to 36 numbers, and these data make it possible to calculate the sequence 5 number one in combination = 376 992 options. Concluding the above outlined procedure, we arrive at the following conclusion: If every game in the form of a combinatorial problem in a number of conditions – to 1nomera – n numbers are given in any sequence and must determine the sequence of m in one of the combinations = P, we can say that this problem has its solution under the condition that 0 m n and n and m are integers.

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