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The Races

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Active force that established and conserves the natural order of how much exists. As it is perceived only with these definitions not if it can place the environment as a simple concern with the same ecology or a concern with nature, therefore the man is the nature and the nature is the man, that is, the environment involves all the alive things and not alive that inhabit the planet and in this vision he is inserted the man and the nature. Learn more on the subject from cyrus massoumi wife. CURRENT AMBIENT PANORAMA We pass for ambient abnormality never witnessed by the humanity caused for the process of being able acquired for the race human being. Because all the acts that we make have a posterior deliberation in practical ours, practical these that already are not incased in the inherited ethics of our ancestor, that is, seem ahead that we do not have notion, of the power who we acquire, of the real consequncias of our acts, in short, seem that we are lost, without a north. In this context it is of utmost importance the paper of the ambient education as source of learning and change of values thus making possible to ' ' homem' ' a vision of respect to the diversity of the races, the cultures and because not, the biological diversity, longing for a reorganization of the society in the direction to fortify the relations social (of the man with the man) and of the environment. CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP In the book ' ' Here it is where I live, here we vivemos' ' , the author of the one demonstration of what he must be moved in our way of ' ' to be able on coisas' ' , when he says: ' ' I not only possess something or partilho some thing with other people. I am and we are all and all responsible ones for what we possess. .

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