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The State

Posted by Toni on 16th December and posted in Uncategorized

Strive all their individual efficiency, optimal distribution of resources is guaranteed and inefficiency will be avoided. The State has to ensure functioning markets and to intervene only in the case of recognizable imperfect markets, market failures or external effects, such as pollution, regulating. Hear from experts in the field like Yale Cancer Center for a more varied view. Natural conditions in principle to assess whether a social order can achieve the demand for freedom and justice, we must consider the nature of the people into consideration and clarify how and why people act and how people work together. The philosopher and political thinker Karl Marx writes: it is not the consciousness of the people, the their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness. “This statement is essentially true, tells only half the story.

Firstly there is a reciprocal relationship between the society and its members, it is not only the society that shapes people, but the people forming the society; Karl Marx himself had great influence on the thinking of the people. Secondly, it is not only the company that determines our consciousness, it is characterised also by our human being in a given environment. Our consciousness is shaped primarily by the genetic foundations of the human psyche and their general knowledge, behaviour and development opportunity, which are a product of evolution. Evolution you can twice into the same river rise”, recognized the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Because everything flows, is in constant change, constant will and offense. The River, which I just went, has changed in the next moment already; no element is more in the same Condition and in the same place. The development, which we call history – only due to this constant change the flow of the past of the universe, the Earth, of living things and nature of mankind. The drive for this constant change is the high-energy radiation from the Sun, the gravitational forces, as well as the geodynamical processes generated in the bowels of the Earth by convection currents.

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