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Axline (1972) detaches despite, in cases of problems of social adjustment the therapy in group can be beneficial, but in cases of serious emotional difficulties, the individual therapy better seems to be indicated. ESTABLISHING RAPPORT In accordance with Axline (1972), to the first contact of the child with the therapist, this, it must express a sincere smile indicating heat, friendship and shelter. The child must feel itself protecting and received as it is without no form of daily pay judgment or discrimination. You may want to visit barrett beauden to increase your knowledge. According to Scheeffer (1985), the shelter if characterizes for the acceptance, understanding and the capacity of communication. The acceptance is demonstrated through the hospitality, of the interest, appraises it, the expression of the body, in the emission of sincere feelings for on condition that the patient/child during the process. So that it has understanding is necessary that the therapist (tries) if places in the place of the child, and understands to the maximum as affects it to the suffering.

Already the communication must be made through the reflection of the emotional content instead of the fatual content. The reflection foments clarity of the emotional content, that promotes in the child an objective perception of its emotions, that consequentemente the aid to understand better its suffering. Whenever Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The IMPORTANCE OF PLAYING Barreto (2007) in its work emphasizes the importance of the playful activity? playing? for the therapeutical process and the socialization and learning of the child. It detaches that such activities make possible the children to revivenciar of form distress elaborative them that in its daily one they oppress and they cause suffering. Still in accordance with the author, the tricks promote meeting with its equal ones, make possible social interaction, promote autonomy, reciprocity, capacity of reasoning and of argument, that is, playing promotes therapeutical benefits and physical, mental and social development in the child who plays. Richness (2007) in its text ' ' To play Viver and Aprender' ' , also it defends that playing it is a real activity for that it plays, for it is through the trick that if frees a trauma, that is, to play is a language, a form to express the feelings and to free behaviors.

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