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He is perceivable that the high preparation of the hospital one if makes possible through the system of reference and against reference providing one better quality of life to the patient next to its familiar and its reality, also remaining little interned time preventing hospital infections. Therefore it takes care of the necessities with medicines of high cost, accompaniment and evaluation with team to interdisciplinar that to become necessary. still, as the same author estimates: ‘ ‘ that the system of reference and against reference is the guarantee of the continuity of the treatment to users, therefore the demands for continuities of the assistance are not puddles. Here we could open parenthesis and understands it while a horizontalizado space where the actors if communicate so that the demands are not prompt, nor broken up, but yes gives account to bring resolutividade to the users from its necessidades.’ ‘ (LOPES, 2008 p.53) As IT HISSES (2009, p.98) the workers of the hospital attention of the study recognize that the executed integral care during the internment is interrupted at the high moment of the hospital one, not reaching the completeness in its potential intensity. Also it standes out that integral attention if materialize with the performance to interdisciplinar and of the family and community. Also described for Fratini (2007, P. 29) that she is necessary to have a system of reference and against reference inside of the health services that inform on the state of health, illness and treatment of the patient, but that still it is a change longed for the health and if finds in one I serve as apprentice of little development, as much in its efetivao how much in the spreading.

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