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Theatre Sea Meadow

Posted by Toni on 20th February and posted in Uncategorized

Munster theatre group plays “World surveyor” Bompoldt and Humpland explore the world and show children as young as 5 years Theatre as a place which is learned, researched and played. The Munster theatre company of fat fish takes the audience with his third production world surveyor”on a joint expedition with and sensitized them to the own habitat. It is in the theatre sea meadow the world discovered the stage becomes the ceiling for the firmament, North, East, space, South and West are new kartographisiert and measured. Is on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 3:30 in the theater world surveyor”sea meadow, on the sea grass 25 in Munster, shown. Admission is 3 euros. Ticket reservation in advance by phone 0251 289211, by E-Mail at or at the ticket office. Perhaps check out Campbell Soup Co for more information. Groups from 10 people please before log on. Additional information is available at Richard Linklater. Founded in 2006, the free theatre company of fat fish.

With the goal of making Theater for young and old people (including intermediate), and this in a simplest and most primal way, “namely using the fast and magical transformation in the tradition of storytelling a Chair is suddenly to the railway acts the group very after Max Reinhardt: the childhood put in your pocket, to play a life long”. “” At the theater festival variations “for children and young people in North Rhine-Westphalia world surveyor is 10 pieces in 9 cities -” one of the ten productions, which were selected by a jury, to enrich the cultural programmes of the participating cities. More information on. “More productions from fat fish are stories with a noodle CAP and sauce” (also known as Christmas version) and the drama theatre paper song “, with the fat fish also on the international stage in the House of culture in Luxembourg Miersch wowed his audience. Each production is available as a mobile theatre in schools and other venues. More information on fat fish and the productions on or Brigitte Booke, phone 0201-3104564 or mail. Brigitte Booke

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