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Three Falls

Posted by Toni on 15th June and posted in Uncategorized

I want that it helps to my woman in the creation of all my children, because she would like that they were created of the same skill that I was, in infancy playing, making pranks, summarizing: Tanning the infancy of optimum possible skill. in the adolescence I try my freedoms and privacidades and at the same time responsibilities. A certain Chinese saying says: It has three things in the life that never come back behind: the launched arrow, the sharp word and the lost chance. I lost some chances to help my mother and to show it how much love I it, plus one in special one I remember until today. It was junina party in my college if my memory serves me right was 2007, 1 day before the party in a friday I super I was livened up with the week end, to Saturday he had so waited junina party of the college where all were congregated and try ‘ ‘ ficar’ ‘ with that girl who you are looking in all the recreios in the entire year, and in the sunday my family had marked to go in an Aquatic Park that if called Three Falls, which I very liked to go. In the night of sixth for Saturday I had a horrible nightmare, I dreamed that my mother died drowned, I woke up desisperado vi that he was one pssimo nightmare and I came back to sleep, I woke up relembrando the nightmare but I did not give ball because it was Saturday and all in the quarter were if preparing for the junina party, during the day I remembered the nightmare vacant and per some seconds but always he had 1 thing he distracts that me and made to forget me it nightmare. Going for the junina party I and my friends talking, laughing sufficiently am clearly that I did not go to remember a nightmare at that moment soon where I had some things to think, also on mine ‘ ‘ paquera’ ‘ of the High School, but during some seconds of I silence during the way of our houses until the college I remembered the nightmare and same after all coming back to talk and to laugh I continued with the nightmare in the head, I simply I did not obtain to forget, I was as if God wanted that I was with the nightmare in my head, I to think, to remember all and to reflect different of the day where I always forgot it nightmare. .

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