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Tibetan Medical College

Posted by Toni on 28th May and posted in Uncategorized

Medically tested, super healthy and tasty – 2008 the original Tibet come Goji berries after Germany Hamburg, February 2008 Madonna’s anti-cellulite Berry\”the US Press headlined just one of many headlines, which made the all-rounder among the berries of these days. Has the original Tibetan Goji Berry from the Himalayas but a number of ingredients that promote both the beauty and the health. Goji has already conquered Hollywood, the Super Berry marches now by Germany. But Goji is not equal to Goji: only the originals from the heights of the Himalayas are certified on their origin and tested by the Tibetan Medical College for their effectiveness. So each with 50 yet so farmers can look like Madonna, the company Worldfruit now exclusively brings the original Gojis Tibet authentic after Germany. For over a thousand years, Tibetan monks put on the health Berry from the Himalayas. Tibet authentic \”founder Antony Jacobson worked for many years in Tibet and with the monks and their preference for\” Goji berries are studied. The people in the heights of the Himalayas have scraped the flesh as a sunscreen in the face.

To stay healthy away from doctors and hospitals, they eat the Berry and Goji tea\”, so Jacobson. Especially the high proportion of beta carotene, which amount to the UV rays protects the berry in over 2000 meters, is responsible for the particularly skin-friendly effect. Already, scientists talk about the most effective fruit in the fight against free radicals. \”Goji goes glamour with the launch by Tibet authentic in the United States, in Canada and in Australia in 2005, was the Berry quickly the favorite of many Hollywood stars. In addition to Madonna, Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, Lucy Liu and Brooke Shields on Goji swear by. \”In addition, reports swirled, that protect Goji cancer and as a natural viagra\” can promote the love life. Without bitter medicine: Tibet Gojis taste like a mix of cherry and cranberry and authentic are offered in natural sun-dried version of Tibet.

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