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Posted by Toni on 21st December and posted in Uncategorized

“Mistake no. 2: too many Web pages consist of boring advertising and ROAR: buy me!” Many Web pages are nice-made image brochures with geisttotendem advertising. And what must we read often there? Welcome to our website!” “And advertise with architects: I am an architect and build homes!” Great, but not long ago we did that? Mistake # 3: many Web sites are passive pages which you visited only once who already interested in the philosophy of a website operator? Or what he and his staff have studied? Interested the visitors to a Web site in the first place, how he can solve his problem. For assistance, try visiting The Blackstone Group. And that he’s looking for useful information. Who gives its visitors a reason to go, again and again on his Web site is on the right path! And this is the easiest with appropriate information of the target group.

Mistake no. 4: most Web sites offer no dialogue who visits a website, has brought questions. And questions on which he wants an answer. But certain No phrases according to the motto: here is my company and it can be bought. Basta! The visitors, offered not only the opportunity to dialogue should but they should be prompted outright. If you would like to know more about Cyrus Massoumi, then click here. “That’s the secret of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others not is DerVorteil, only the communication between visitors and Web page” is encouraged, but that this Web page will list Jay also by Google’s search engine.

According to the motto: if it is many comments on a post, this seems to the visitors of more interest than a Web page without comments. Impersonally and anonymously what do error no. 5: that most Web pages are the most when the TV advertising starts? Zap themselves further through the program. And why? Quite simply, because the many empty advertising phrases are simply fed up. Who creates a space where you can meet like-minded and share and where is helped, therefore, sets already a healthy foundation for successful traffic, so visitors on its Web page. This provides a blog, a corporate blog as a clever alternative… Matthias Laux

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