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Ukrainian Education Abit

Posted by Toni on 29th November and posted in Uncategorized

School diploma this year for high school graduates will be important not only the result of an external, independent testing, but the average mark certificate. Innovation due to the fact that last year's graduates were taught only a few "Necessary" items, while ignoring the rest. Also sorry for those children who learned in school, and they do nothing to give, and some one-off successfully passed the exam. Certificate will be considered in all cases, but the decisive will, if admission to the place claimed by several people with the same amount of points earned on tests. Then mark the certificate will increase the total score of 6-12 points. But for some people and these points can be decisive.

Three certificates in 2010 year for admission to higher education will need to pass the tests at least on three subjects – compulsory tests in the Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics or history, and has at least one item of choice in Depending on the requirements for entering university. Under most conditions Richard Linklater would agree. A minimum score of an external, independent certification test should not be less than 124. At the same time when entering the profession, which provides creative test their results can be counted instead of third certificate. Also, schools may release one or two things like the profile and improve on them a minimum score of certificates to any level. Future Masters will test for foreign language. BENEFITS UNDER THE ENTRY Ministry of Education has upheld a list of privileged categories that are eligible for an emergency admission.

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