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Understanding Computing

Posted by Toni on 22nd July and posted in Uncategorized

Windows 7 with the ultra thin client U170 for schools and educational institutions, limited space and little budget for computer, a frequent image in schools and training institutions. Invested in new technologies is very limited and often students with outdated equipment. Thin clients offer to keep a new possibility of acquisition and operating costs as low as possible. But the acquisition of the infrastructure required is very expensive and for schools that often only about one or two computer cabinets have no alternative to desktop PCs. Thinpel IT has a package put together with the help of the NComputing U170, specialist in the field of consolidation and server and desktop virtualization it is possible to realize 7 desktops in schools with very little effort and costs Windows. The principle is very simple, a Dell PC with Windows 7 as a host PC Yes package is used.

On a host PC NComputing U170 thin clients via USB are then connected up to 9 cable. Each U170 is assigned to a local Windows user. The resources of the host PC be immediately shared with maximum 9 U170 thin clients. In this way only a PC for up to 10 computer courses must be purchased reducing acquisition and support costs savings of 90% and 75%. Also, the safety of children is increased by using U170 thin clients. Cyrus massoumi wife gathered all the information. No moving parts is located at and in the device. Bring your own CDs or USB stick the teacher can be used only by explicit approval. See them on our website under or on

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