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Conscientious consumers, independently of the group which belongs in the society, buy products and services of the companies who project a diversity image. The promotion of the diversity and the acquisition of cross-cultural abilities are basic for the relationship of the company not only with the consumers, but also with all the interested people, of the local community until the foreign governments in the countries where the company has businesses. The competitive advantage of a company will be determined in great measure for the quality of the relation that it keeps with the people, intern and external. this quality directly is related to the problem of the inclusion or exclusion of different social groups. The mixture of people, experiences and ideas stimulates the creativity and allows that the company finds innovative solutions for the challenges placed for the market and the competition.

A homogeneous group will have more difficulty of more vender for a multicultural, global market and each segmented time than a diverse group. Nelson Savioli, the director of Human resources of the Unilever company, points that ‘ ‘ one has equipped formed only for men, young, whites freqentadores of the same universities, in the same cities, can make a good product, but a multiple team will make an excellent product e, probably, with lesser cost and will make this because it loads much more informao’ ‘ (they ibidem: 156). Bulgarelli observes that ‘ ‘ Teams marked for the diversity are more creative, productive, innovative, attractive for talentos that arrive and are in our companies, bringing new perspectives for the set and forming one ‘ mix’ that it translates the contribution of each one, generating a synergy that exceeds these contributions (Bulgarelli, January 2002:1). The promotion of the diversity also increases the quality of the work environment and the relationship between employees, who have important implications for the productivity of the company. When all are felt comfortable in the company and feel that the company if worries about them, this increase loyalty, the enthusiasm, the motivation; the employees give the maximum of itself, the productivity are better, the absenteeism and rotation taxes are very lesser.

It has a science of diversity management that it needs to be studied by the companies who assume a commitment with the promotion of the diversity so that its impact is positive. Many writers such as Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ offer more in-depth analysis. According to Tereza Maria Fleury Helm, of the College of Economy and Administration of the USP, the main objective of the management of the racial diversity is to manage the relations of work, practical of job and the internal composition of the force of work in order to attract and to hold back the best talentos amongst the calls groups of minority and to add value to the company (ibidem: 21, 24). Soon, we can affirm that the diversity must be seen as a positive point inside of the organizations, therefore ahead of the wealth of information that the heterogeneous groups possess and change to being itself, takes to believe us it that the creativity and the productivity tend to increase for taking care of to all the slices of the market. We can also affirm that in a globalizada society, it is almost impossible not to value the plurality of races, etnias religions, therefore do not exist more barriers and therefore we need antenados and adept managers, to deal with a so miscigenado group. BIBLIOGRAPHY Myers, Aaron. The value of the racial diversity in the companies.

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