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Posted by Toni on 8th March and posted in Uncategorized

The union in the midst of the crisis in the world is the financial mess, is a truth, everything has become an ocean of problems without solution, all the panoramas are of concern to Governments and societies. People have a feeling of fear and powerlessness, due to unemployment. There are thousands of news about the economic crisis, but today I want to start to be part of the solutions. I found something in my tireless search for questions and answers, which find it fantastic. The human being is a being of habit and deep, deep, feelings and reacts to problems in two ways, the first being victim of fear, which is the vast majority, and to my surprise, still a minority, but is gaining momentum, those who believe in giving solutions to the problems in this case in particular, see the opportunitiessolutions and support mutual response to the economic crisis. Few things catch my attention, so I decided today to count my discovery, I’m tired the crisis than the protagonists of covers in the media, today found what to me, is one of the best ways to do something in the midst of this difficult economic world, Facebook found a group entitled: No, to the Crisis.

Yes, opportunities, is a group of people which is proving that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there are people who still believe in solutions that seem impossible, I agree very find people who think of something rather than be regretting because there is no money, credits etc. Each of the members of this group, is really an example to follow, and I congratulate every one of them, by being part of a cross anti-crisis, it is very gratifying to find people who really want to tackle the problems, if there were more people who should be organized for a cause, the world would be a more balanced place, the Group: not to the crisis. Yes to opportunities, returned me the trust that was lost, because each time the herd says: I don’t know what to do, there is no solutions, we are on the verge of madness, but these people showed me to me and the rest really the union makes the force, and work together, share opinions, mutual support can achieve reach fruition, and not die in the attempt, avoid staying idly while the ship sank. The world is living, then we are able to find solutions to our problems, to fight all by one goal. I reiterate my congratulations to the creator, to its area of intelligence and their informants, really are an example to follow. The planet needs union and the will to believe..

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