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Universal Declaration

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To educate for the inclusion is to keep alive the rank of ' ' guard of utopia' ' , of doubt, of the uncertainty of the possibility, thus aiming at solidarity, justice the social, educational and cultural inclusion of all the people. 3. EVENTS MARCANTES THROUGHOUT the HISTORY OF the CARRIERS OF SPECIAL NECESSITIES deformed Children were plays in the sewers of Old Rome. In the Average Age, deficient they find shelter in the churches, as the Quasmodo of the book the Corcunda de Notre Dame, of Victor Hugo, who lived isolated in the tower of the cathedral of Paris. At the same time, the deficient ones gain a function: silly of the cut. Martinho Lutero defended that deficient mental they were devilish beings that deserved punishments to be purificados.

People with physical and mental deficiencies continue isolated of the remaining portion of the society, but now in asylums, convents and shelters. The first psychiatric hospital in the Europe appears, but all the institutions of this time do not pass of arrests, without specialized treatment nor educational programs. The carriers of deficiencies pass to be seen as citizens with rights and duties of participation in society, but under assistencial and caritativa optics. The first line of direction politics of this new vision appears in 1948 with the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. ' ' All human being has right to educao.' ' Parents and relatives of deficient people organize themselves. The critical ones to the segregation appear first. Theoreticians defend the normalization, that is, the adequacy of the deficient one to the society to allow its integration. The Special Education in Brazil appears for the first time in LDB 4024, OF 1961. The law points that the education of the bonanza ones must, in what will be possible, be fit in the general system of education. The United States advance in the research and theories of inclusion to provide better conditions of life the mutilated ones of the War of the Vietnam.


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