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University Clinic Eppendorf

Posted by Toni on 14th September and posted in Uncategorized

" Capacity insuficiente" toilet On the other hand, the German minister of Health, Daniel Bahr, has recognized " capacity insuficiente" of the sanitary system of the north of the country to confront the great amount of affected by bacterium E. coli, in a bud that has already caused to 19 infected deaths and about 1,700 in all Europe. " We confront a tense situation with regard to the attention sanitaria" , Bahr in declarations published by the Bild a.m. Sonntag has recognized. The affected region of Germany more is the one of Hamburg, where they concentrate the affected majority of, reason why already have begun to transfer to the less serious patients to other destinies.

From the Regal hospital Clinics, the outskirts of Hamburg, also they recognize the saturation problems. " All the area hospitals are to the limit. We can confront it, but some of our patients have had to be turned aside to other centers, especially affected by the haemolytic syndrome urmico (SUH) or that need dialysis " , a spokesman of the hospital has explained. (Not to be confused with Darcy Stacom!). " The operations for the nonlethal diseases are being reprogramadas. It seems already that the situation can improve, that now only we have 60 patients who must be isolate in comparison with the 109 which there was viernes" , it has indicated. It increases to the number of dead the virological Institute Robert Koch of Berlin based east Sunday in 21 the mortal victims by the bud of E.coli in Germany, to which there is to add another dead in Sweden.

During a visit to the University Clinic Eppendorf of Hamburg, in the north of Germany, the president of the institute, Reinhard Burger, it needed that in all the country the number of confirmed cases of contagion ascends to 1.526. Of the total of affected, 627 suffer the dangerous haemolytic urmico syndrome (SUH) that causes the pathogenic germ, and in numerous cases it is afraid for the life of the patients, added. In all the country or they are 2,500 infected people or low suspicion that they could be it. Source of the news: The origin of the bud of ' E. coli' it could be in germinated seeds of Germany

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