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Posted by Toni on 2nd February and posted in Uncategorized

Leaving of this affirmation I intend to strengthen in the personal marketing, leaving clearly that they (waiters) are the business cards of the restaurant and a good appearance tranfers organization and hygiene. It comes if it worries about the appearance and as the waiter must act, and thinking about its bibliography he is of utmost importance to cite the personal marketing and the marketing of relationship, two tools that can help our professionals to exert an exemplary position and to give one better attendance. The customer of today is more demanding and for this reason she is much more difficult to pardon the committed errors, therefore they need to be dealt with the double professionalism and attention, and its expectations of attendance to the customer must daily be surpassed. In the search of the agreement of the personal marketing the teacher of Integrated Communication of Marketing of the FGV Doin (2010, p.2) says through studies that made on the personal marketing that: image is an appreciation of value constructed through ideas, certainties and resultant sensations of the communication of the attributes of the candidate to create its differential and to search its visibility.

The Personal marketing can be defined as a set of strategical actions, attitudes and behaviors that lead the personal and professional trajectories for a happy success by means of qualities and innate abilities or acquired of the individual that, perfected, will promote behaviors favorable the accomplishment of its proper objectives. For Doin the personal Marketing is not only one well combed hair, a well made beard or well cut nails, the author in passes the idea of that a necessary professional to have its value. Standing out the personal marketing, Rabbit (2010) weaves consideraes special in the article ‘ ‘ Personal marketing?

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